Expressing Your Individual Uniquedness

Using the Strainer of Gold Light is a brief excerpt from an hour and a half program of Expressing Your Individual Uniquedness Beyond Arising Fears and Watching All the Gifts in Your Physical Manifestational World Come Into Form.

This is such a heart-felt program in which William walks with you to see and feel the truly uniqued expression of you beyond lingering perceptional fears, doubts and judgements.  Using the Strainer of Gold Light is just one small example of the program content assisting you to see and step ever further into the uniqued love that you are, opening and expanding to know what you want to know and enjoy what you enjoy beyond all that you’ve been taught to think you enjoy as you give yourself permission to play, express and receive the gifts awaiting you in the physical manifestational world.

Facets within this program include:

  • Activating crystalline structures – particles of data and information – and letting all facets of the exponential world shake up and open up without becoming engaged, identifying nor embodying them as a part of you
  • The magnetics of monads
  • Triggers that have been affecting your life-stream
  • Sincerity, passion, integrity and honoring without obligations
  • The cosmic lattice work and the manifestational world
  • Enjoying what you enjoy
  • Playing with your presence – not energy – but your presence which is a big difference than playing with energy
  • The importance of your uniquedness all the way out into the Universe as a whole
  • Looking at humanity as a whole, as your clarity is arising within it to offer, emanate and express the uniquedly priceless gift that you are – and
  • Much more
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This program is presented in two segments. Each segment is approximately 45 minutes in duration and is a separate download file.

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Expressing Your Individual Uniquedness

$25 USD