The Breath of Light and Liveliness

Post - The Breath of Light & Liveliness


Dear Ones,

What a beautiful time it is with so much light hitting the planet and activating the light grids of consciousness, creating change after change of the emanation that is occurring within you and all around you. So right now, let’s take a breath and welcome in your divine omnipresence; your presence that is so light, your presence that is so vibrant and also that is becoming totally immune to all of the interesting stuff that is playing out on the planet right now. Just take a breath and welcome your presence forth to be acknowledged. So right now as you bring your consciousness and your presence right through your heart level, let it open and open, letting it activate, amplify and re-energize. As you’re now here, just let your heart expand and open up to expand as itself, to support you and to give to you all of the wonders, the splendors and the exquisiteness of the whole Universe entirely that it is and has been wanting to fully connect with you and open up through all these beautiful facets that are merging in, coming in, amplifying and coming forth to show you, steer you and journey you.

So now, just take another breath as you’re letting the heart level become larger and larger; and now bring it right down through the solar plexus, the physical primal levels of survival, just letting the solar plexus drop and letting it open with you as you’re merging in from your higher levels through your physical levels and your physical manifestational world, letting the whole Universe as a whole entirely start to embrace you, caress you and come forth within you to support you, but also to show you how much love and iridescence is within you, through you and around you; letting your whole physical manifestational world be way out over there, way out there beside you and around you, but unplugging magnetically from it so that it can move, it can change and it can iridescently amplify as you’re becoming dis-identified with it. Because as you’re welcoming in your presence, as you’re beginning to feel your own divine, radiant presence, look at how much more iridescent you’re becoming, how demagnetized, un-polarized and un-dualized you are through the physical manifestational world. So just take a breath here, letting one’s self grow, expand, rebuild, rejuvenate into and through the embodiment of – and as – creator expressing through its own creation.

And now let’s take your consciousness from the heart level through the solar plexus level, all the way up through your throat, up through your pineal pituitary gland, all the way through your crown chakra level vortex, speeding up and vibrating faster and faster as you’re moving into – merging into – the cosmic lattice work, letting the cosmic lattice work, grow and come forth as you’re connecting to it, for the cosmic lattice work is also what affects your physical manifestational world. And as you’re opening up and tugging on the cosmic lattice work and opening up as a creator of divinity – not as an identity but as a creator – now let’s bring your consciousness into your physical manifestational world, to your physical expression of your crown chakra level vortex through the top of your head, moving downwardly and merging downwardly as you’re allowing for one’s self to open so lightly, all the way down through your pineal pituitary gland – your gland of remembering – all the way down through your beautiful throat letting your throat open and open. Now, while taking another deep breath let the throat open, activate and open to compliment, to give and to support you on every level, every plane, every dimension. And now from your throat, all the way down through your sternum, your heart, your upper arms, your lower arms, into your hands, letting all that iridescence of lightness, vibrancy and your presence take command, as it merges all the way through the solar plexus level, opening and opening, activating, emanating and opening thru this area and moving all the way down through the creator level vortex, letting it activate-activate, emanate and activate even more, letting it open-open-open and open, no longer identified with a gender principle, only that of a presence of radiance, letting it open and open.

And now, all right cosmic lattice work, all right runners, all right entourage; bring forth – stream forth – so much more here; activating, emanating, radiating, divinitizing down into and through your full embodiment as a whole; down your upper legs, your lower legs and into your feet; feeling your presence arising and arising as you’re also opening up beyond space and time, because right now none of that even exists, not even for a millisecond. Just let it open as you’re opening-opening and opening here, letting it emanate, radiate and divinitized right here for you and through you as the beautiful, radiant benevolent gift that it is, just opening opening-opening-opening-opening and opening even more.

Now, take one more breath and welcome in the whole Universe – cosmic lattice work included – to start unfolding within your gorgeous, radiant, benevolent physical world, letting all of these iridescent changes happen for you and through you within the exponential world, letting it open and open – imminently, iridescently opening – to compliment, to give to you, to support you on every level, in every way, every shape, every form and every direction; letting it open, flourish eminently to compliment you in every way, watching how huge – how vast – you’re becoming. And now, taking another breath, welcome in all the gifts the whole Universe has to offer each and every day. So as you start your day, let’s invoke our family by saying, all right family, show me what today looks like, you’re in command beloved creator consciousness; and before you go to bed, let’s say I bless this day, it is done – breaking energy with all the sequences of events as you’re disengaging; and all right body, make any and all adjustments necessary; higher levels, creator levels, manifest levels come on in while I let the body be in slumber to make any and all adjustments necessary, while your body is vibrating faster, clearer, more purified, more divinitized. And then, getting up sprier than anything; because what you’re going to watch is your body metamorphosizing for you, changing for you; amplifying, radiating and continuing to emanate for you.

What a gift it is to watch how the whole Universe, your entourage and the rest of your family has everything so beautifully, lovingly taken care of more than you could even imagine. Because now, it’s an expression and a welcoming to allow for one’s self to emanate, to radiate, to enjoy and let all the rest of the whole world be what it is, outside of you and around you; but yet watching all these beautiful transitions going on to compliment you. And now, all right family, bring it on, Bring It On.

We love you; we honor you and wish you only the best of enjoyment while watching your physical manifestational world change around you.



William & Mary Linville and the Universalis Team