The Celebration of Your Radiance Without Bounds

Post - The Celebration of Your Radiance Without Bounds

Dear Hearts,

What a beautiful unfoldment it is as so many changes are occurring so rapidly and the planetary vibratory levels are increasing so vibrantly. What an intense time it is in such heightened-sensitivity-time and heightened-sensitivity-mode. Even as you’re becoming more sensitive, more heightened and more vibrant and lighter than ever, and feeling so much going on around, amplifying, and activating as well, you’re feeling the whole Universe that’s expanding all around you. So now as we’re here, let’s just feel what is IS, that’s happening and unfolding all around you. Let’s look at all of the priceless heightened sensory neurons and the heightened sensitivities that are so divinely and iridescently playing out so creatively for you. Isn’t it absolutely amazing when you watch all of this unfolding for you, through you and all around you to give to you so much love, so much radiance and so much beauty; to honor you, to support you, to love you and to embrace you?

Isn’t it astronomical to watch how supported you are – how lovingly embraced you are by the whole Universe as a whole – right here, right now? Isn’t it just astronomical when you literally stop and step back for a moment, to watch how your heart is opening and your clarity is becoming so much more vibrant as you’re holding on to nothing, as your letting all of your whole life-stream – in every way – open so radiantly, open so vibrantly, amplify exponentially and continue to open to support you and to honor you? Isn’t it so amazing when you disengage for a moment, take a breath and feel the whole Universe that’s arising, radiating, emanating and continuing to arise to open your heart, your clarity and amplify right through your cellular vibratory levels of the physical form, including the atomic, subatomic particles of your physical form; and where you’re filling up the spaces between each and every cell as you’re activating, integrating and expanding through creation exponentially?

Isn’t it also quite amazing to watch how clear, how vibrant, how radiant – how absolutely benevolent – everything within you, around you and for you is lighting up and brightening up so divinely to support you, to give to you; to show you what a benevolent, divine, radiant gift you are without any work, without any trying, and that there is nothing that you have to do except take a breath and let yourself become fully completely in a reintegration with your higher levels and your lower levels; and welcoming in your higher levels to begin taking command, steering and journeying you; taking command, embodying, embracing, steering and journeying you right through the open-heartedness of all that is?

Isn’t is so astounding to watch and to feel – and to know – how beautifully supported you are in every way, on every level, by and within the whole Universe as a whole as you are watching the whole Universe as a whole open up and emanate iridescently right through you, around you and right here for you; to show you, to give to you, to honor you, to embrace you in every way, on every level, in every direction; showering upon you all of the beautiful gifts of love, all of the beautiful gifts of brilliance and divinity; to give, to show, to offer, to steer, to embrace and remind you of who you are; and then singing, dancing and flourishing through all these beautiful, radiant, benevolent facets of the crystalline particles of creation that are opening, emanating and amplifying in every direction all around you to compliment you, and for you to run forth through for your enjoyment?

So now, just take a breath, feel that beautiful benevolent presence that is so beautifully and lovingly expressing right through you – right here, right now – with such a beautiful love as such a beautiful heart, and such a huge lightness as well, that’s opening and opening so powerfully, so benevolently and so exquisitely that no density whatsoever could even affect you for even a millisecond – because you’re not density. You are love. You are lightness. You are vibrancy – and all that old-old-old archaic debris no longer has any hold upon you whatsoever. Isn’t it just so absolutely amazing how vibrant, how alive and how radiant you’re becoming – right here, right now – as you’re stepping in, stepping up, running right through all of these divine, priceless portals of creation that are amplifying and radiating right through all of creation, and all of your divine benevolent loved ones that you’ve been singing, dancing and playing with; all of the Dear Ones that you’re looking at right before you at all of these festivities of the holyday season of Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, etc. You’re watching all these beautiful Dear Ones in front of you that you’ve traveled with for eons, but yet that you’ve superseded and outgrown; and at the same time, you’re looking at all this fun stuff that now no longer represent you, that you’ve woken up from and no longer fit into as an identity.

And now, you’re getting to look at it all right in the eyes; to see even more so, how far you’ve come, how far you’ve grown and also how giant you’ve become into and through a body on a planet; and also, how unsuppressed and how uncompressed you now are; and now emanating such a beautiful, pristineness and holding all these beautiful Dear Ones in their beautiful, natural state as creator incarnate; holding them in their beautiful realms of light, their beautiful realms of gold, inside such a beautiful, priceless radiance of love and being totally, completely immune and unaffected by absolutely everything around you. And now, watch all these beautiful, benevolent openings happening for you because you’re no longer being pulled in and overtaken by any of this colorful, interesting stuff; but yet, being able to sing, being able to dance, being able to flourish overtime – and in hyper-drive – into a whole new paradigm, a whole new world and also watching all the beautiful, radiant gifts that are continuing to come forth for you, through you, all around you; and celebrating the beautiful, benevolent gifts of love that present, that unfold, that you now offer and that you now give so freely, so open-heartedly and exponentially.

To all those, all over the planet. Let’s celebrate the beautiful light-beingness, the beautiful love, the beautiful iridescence that you are in every way, shape, form and direction; singing and dancing, having a blast and getting to celebrate all of the beautiful gifts of divinity that are unfolding within you, through you and all around you.


Namasté and have a blast,

William & Mary Linville and the Universalis Team