The Divine Gift

Post - The Divine Gift


Dear Hearts,

What an amazing, priceless time it is with all of these markers that are unfolding and all of your resolutions unfolding and catching up with you as you’re looking at all of everything that’s played out, ran forth, and has come to light and come to life for you and all around you. Everything is now taking heart and coming to heart to bring forth your light-bodies within your life-streams of consciousness – to come forth, to arise and arise within you, through you and all around you. All of the dissolvements of all of the old, and all of the residue and residual of everything is moving out sooo… quickly, and changing all around you to best compliment yourself, and also to come to terms and clarity with oneself. Your light-streams of consciousness are coming forth with such a beautiful openness, such an open heartedness that is amplifying and radiating through your light-bodies, through your crystalline structures and throughout every single particle of your physicality and beyond, as your angelic realms, your archangelic realms and your celestial realms are all coming to light as you’re now dis-identifying yourself from all of the exponential world and allowing for your higher levels, your creator levels and manifest levels to now start exposing themselves, to furthermost compliment, support and show up for you; and also to expose themselves to you and all around you, to show how busy they’ve been all around you to compliment you, to give to you, to support you – and especially right now – to show you what a beautiful, benevolent, radiant gift you are in a body on a planet, but also what a priceless difference you make everywhere you go.

What a priceless presence you bring to all of the Dear Ones that you affect all around you, taking this well beyond an identification to the mind in a body on a planet, taking this well beyond any me-me-me or I – I – I, into a total complete elegant and omnipotent presence, of such a beautiful open-heartness as you’re coming forth and coming through the heart. As your heart is opening and expanding so passionately and brilliantly – within and throughout the whole Universe as a whole – what a beautiful gift it is to emanate exponentially, such a beautiful pristine-ness and vibrancy of such great love, of such great brilliance, within and throughout your body, within and throughout creation as a whole, growing exponentially through the whole Universe and letting the whole Universe give to you, show you, embrace you, offer you and hold you in such a beautiful crèche; a crèche of love, a crèche of light; such a beautiful crèche of the embodiment and embracement of such beautiful, benevolent, radiant embracements of love that goes well beyond words, that goes well beyond anything you could ever dream or imagine.

It is such a priceless state that you’re now allowing yourself to merge into, to bridge into, to step into within all states, within all realms, within all levels of creation. What a beautiful gift you are allowing for oneself to have in – and within – and throughout your beautiful, benevolent physical presence within a body on a planet. What a priceless gift it is to allow such pristineness, such radiance, such open-heartedness to have no walls, to have no barriers; to have no distance between you and the world as a whole as you’re starting to feel such a beautiful, benevolent radiant openness within and throughout all of creation as a whole, allowing creation as a whole to honor you, to hold you – to behold you so graciously as the gift that you are – in such a graciousness of love, benevolence, omnipotence and open-heartness that is opening and opening, only growing upon itself, adding upon itself to give, to offer, to show and to express itself within and throughout the physical realms of enjoyment.

As we all embark upon this journey together, it is a journey of such great openness, welcome-ness, embracement and integrated-ness to watch, to see, to feel and to enjoy all of the love and all of the lightness-lightness-lightness that is being given to you, that is quite literally being showered upon you, and that has been awaiting to come to, and through you. So as you take such a beautiful, deep in-depth breath, to breathe in such a presence of lightness, benevolence, radiance and love, what does it feel like for you? Do you feel safe? Do you feel insecure? Do you feel vulnerable? Vulnerable – well of course – because now you are becoming vulnerable to the Universe as a whole, for now you’re opening up to all of You, allowing the whole Universe entirely to come into you, through you and all around you without any walls, any barriers, any conflicts nor any confines; but within the wide openness of the whole Universe giving to you and showing you the gift that you are, as well as the multitudes of benevolent support being showered upon you, as well as all around you; all of the beautiful, benevolent, radiant gifts that you’ve been asking for and awaiting for. And so right now, let’s take another huge, giant breath to let all of these gifts become physical into the manifest world all around you, without any have to do’s, must do’s, should do’s and all of that colorful stuff. Why don’t you just welcome it; and now, let it come about into your physical, manifestational world as the radiant gifts that they are, because it’s your natural birthright?


We love you, we honor you; Bring it on – Let’s have a blast!

William & Mary Linville and the Universalis Team