The Divine Unfoldment of You as Love


Post - The Divine Unfoldment of You as Love


Dear Ones,

What a remarkable, beautiful and astounding unfoldment it is as so much is lighting up, brightening up, and opening up all around you to compliment your whole life, to compliment and open up the world all around you. It is such an astronomical unfoldment and time for you right now as your higher levels are merging into you and through your life-stream as a whole; coming in so powerfully, coming in divinely in so many different diverse ways and directions through your body, through your outside world, through your mental, emotional and causal levels as well.

This is such a beautiful, priceless, benevolent gift to compliment you and to add to you. It’s a radiant, benevolently accelerated expansiveness, coming in so powerfully and so divinely to compliment, to embody, but also to integrate. All of this is happening to reintegrate and harmonize the beautiful Love that you are; and to receive all of the Love that is all around you, that is aligning and emanating so benevolently and radiantly; that beautiful vibrancy in which you’ve been stepping into, stepping through, running into and running through as all of the density is clearing out and collapsing, as you so beautifully are moving into, merging into and integrating through your embodiment as a whole. It is all those beautiful particles of light, those beautiful encodements of Creator Consciousness, that are being implemented and held in such a beautiful, pristine alignment to integrate, stabilize, radiate and amplify within and all around you.

Isn’t it so astounding how gracefully all of this is occurring at once, as well as emanating, moving forth more than ever, more vast than ever and clearer than ever to compliment you, to open up for you and all around you to be given to you? What a beautiful, astounding eminence it is. As your heart is opening your life-stream is flourishing as you’re watching all of these beautiful gifts of love that are being bestowed upon you. So as you’re now here, let’s just take a breath and welcome in the rest of yourself – all of oneself – to move in, to merge in, to flourish within and through your life-stream as a whole; your life-stream, your world, every facet, every level, every layer of you within the whole – as a whole – to give to you, to stabilize, to integrate, to flourish with, to flourish within, through and all around your world and your embodiment. Now watch how clear and how quiet the colorful mental thought forms become, how silent and how absent the emotional structures have become; for now they have nothing to hold on to. They have lost their hold and their power over you.

It is the love, it is the lightness, it is the vibrancy which you so benevolently and gorgeously are merging into and through to compliment with, to be given to, to allow for such a beautiful, benevolent manifestational realm to open, to activate and amplify sooo benevolently; to stabilize, integrate, amplify and to move forth in all ways and in all directions all around you. Watch how much more lightness, vibrancy and love is given to you and also fed all the way through your body, (which is really the whole source of feeding the body, and letting the body maintain perfected, optimum health and well being), and how it is stabilizing and reintegrating; and how you are now radiating and emanating even more through the embodiment as a whole. Now you can just watch your body, watch your world and watch your whole life open and open, integrate, amplify, radiate and open; integrate and amplify as all of the beautiful, benevolent gifts of the whole Universe as a whole are coming in, coming through and merging into your world – your embodiment – to compliment and add to all of the beautiful, benevolent, radiant gifts that are being steered and journeyed and shown to you, to offer you so much more, to give to you so much more love, so much heart, so much passion and iridescence within and all around you and your life-stream as a whole.

For it is such a beautiful, majestic, magnificent journey, as right here – right now – in these next series of unfoldments, everything is coming into such an alignment, especially within this October, with so much going into heightened-ness, vibrancy and heightened sensitivity-ness that’s amplifying, emanating, becoming more heightendly and astutely embodied in such a fast pace, such a radiance and such immanence to give, to offer, to steer, to journey and to be complimented for you. It is such a benevolent, radiant love for you, through you and all around you, with such an embracement of love for you to integrate and embody and to emanate all around you. So as you are watching all that is occurring, let’s sing and dance, jump up, click our heals together, do an Irish jig and have a blast.

We love and honor you dearly.


William & Mary Linville and the Universalis Team