The Exquisite Wholeness of You

Post - The Exquisite Whholeness of You

Dear Hearts,

What a beautiful, priceless unfoldment it is to watch all of the debris that has been so suppressed and repressed, the deepest fears, the deepest angers and all the residual that is collapsing, dying off and being moved and merged out of you, collapsing, collapsing and collapsing for you and through you as you’re waving goodbye to it all.  It is such a beautiful, priceless time to be able to wave goodbye to all the old, to all the past; the past residuals, the past unfoldments and everything that at one time used to have such a hold – an overbearing hold – upon you.

Isn’t it amazing to watch how all of it, interestingly enough, has had all these transitional states upon you, that you’re now waving goodbye to as they’re coming up, yet you’re no longer re-identifying with any of it?  Because the reality and the truth of the matter is that all of the angst, all of the buildup is coming up, coming out and leaving permanently.  And as it is coming up and coming out permanently, isn’t it such a blessed time to take a breath and to celebrate how far you’ve come, and how much farther you’re going so quickly, with more lightning speed than ever?

The body that you’re feeling is going through all these metamorphoses and all these different changes as you’re becoming lighter, as you’re becoming brighter, freer and also purified.  For you see, all of the changes are such a beautiful purification because nothing any longer has that hold upon you. Nothing any longer has that interesting say-so over you.  As you’re watching the unfoldments, look at how all of the interesting debris, and all of the voices that at one time used to have a hold upon you are losing their grasp, losing their hold and leaving. All these different scenarios that had a hold upon you and used to create all these realities for you, and all these interesting situations around you are leaving as you’re now saying goodbye-goodbye with great ease, great love, great fluidity, great clarity, and receiving all of the freedom that comes with all of it.

The freedom is so beautiful because you’re also opening to all sorts of new unfoldments, opportunities and new Dear Ones coming into you life-stream; yet no longer having anything to work through or come to terms with anything, for truly it is such a magnificent gift that is opening, that’s running forth and coming forth for your specific honoring, and being honored as the gifts are placed right in front of you for your uniqued enjoyment and your beautiful camaraderie-ness.  The freedom is a giving unto you, to celebrate you, to dance with you, to flourish with you and for you; giving unto you and your life-stream permanently, that is constantly growing upon itself and will continue to grow upon itself.  Isn’t it so remarkable to watch all these beautiful, priceless transformations that are coming forth, radiating forth and opening forth, that are still unfolding and coming to light – coming to life – to celebrate you?  For they are being given unto you for so bravely and so courageously walking your walk and waving goodbye to all of the scenarios that at one time used to run your life-stream.  Yet now, you’re running forth with the freedom of nothing at all to have any say-so upon you. That right there is immense freedom.  That right there is complete freedom for you; freedom that is not challenge-able, that is not taint-able, that is not waver-able, that is just that of the openness, vibrancy, clarity and the beauty that is coming forth to honor you in an honoring that is priceless – in an honoring that is continual.

Isn’t it just amazing to watch how all the pieces of your life-stream are beginning to fall into place as you’re no longer being pulled this way and that way, as you’re no longer being affected by all of the energies that are happening all around you on the planet, and as you’re no longer taking in or taking on any odd funky scenarios, situations or energies; and you’re running forth with an immunity to everything happening around, everything that at one time used to create such an angst with the fear levels in the solar plexus, the doubting and the questioning of one’s self.  Isn’t it just astronomical how you’re opening up, how you coming forth, and how beautifully even the vibratory levels of the physicality are rebuilding and regenerating as you’re collecting all these pieces and parts of yourself, now welcoming back all the pieces and parts and streams of consciousness that you’ve ever given your power away to?

As you take a breath and welcome forth all these beautiful pieces and particles of yourself that have been strung out throughout your life-stream, let’s talk another breath as you’re welcoming yourself forth, welcoming yourself back in, cleared, opened and re-divinitized so radiantly, so profoundly and so iridescently.  For now as you have no identification with the world, you only have that of divinity walking through the world, healthy, whole and complete in every way; mentally, physically and astronomically divinely as a beautiful open instrument and conduit expressing in a total complete and thorough fearlessness; in a total, complete, thorough wide-open-ness, to all the gifts the whole Universe has to offer you in optimum health and wellbeing, no longer being afraid of what might happen, what might not happen or occur for you.

And now honoring there are no longer all these overwhelming emotional states to hold you back, hold you down or even to create conflict within you, or around you within your life-stream, there is only that of great love, great aspiration and great inspiration that’s coming in, flourishing in, flourishing through all of your life-stream, with all of the love, the beauty, the purity, the divinity and the radiance of all that is, all around you, through you and for you; dancing with the whole Universe as a whole, in the beautiful silhouette, the beautiful romance, the passionate romance with the whole Universe as a whole in the wide openness and the clarity of the beauty of you and the Universe as a whole dancing, flourishing and dancing to be given to, to be supported with all the serene-ness, the clarity, passion and compassion for all of creation all around you; all the Dear Ones walking around you, expressing around you, but yet being totally unaffected by all of the emotional states that you’re watching around you as you’re opening wider and wider, purer and clearer than ever.  And taking another breath, watch all the unfoldments occurring for all of the Dear Ones around you, but yet not a part of you, not even about you.  And then as you walk down the road of creation, watch how creation parts for you as all of these beautiful gifts are bestowed upon you continuously, yet with clarity and divinity through your physicality – even through the materialistic world – through your divine facet as an instrument of radiance and divinity.

For now all is coming together were at one time it felt like it was falling apart.  Yet even where it seemed like it was falling apart – wow – look at how radiantly, how clearly, how beautifully and benevolently all the pieces and parts are coming together to honor you, to stabilize, to re-integrate for you, through you and all around you; to where each and every day, you get up and you celebrate such beautiful unfoldments, just like the birds of the air rise each morning singing for all of the gifts that are going to occur for them, which is such a great example for yourself, such a great reminder for yourself; singing and dancing because you know full well that everything occurring throughout the unfoldments of this beautiful divine walk, that you’re walking as creator expressing through creation, are all gifts that are coming in for you, coming forth into your physical materialization world and happening for you to honor you, to compliment you; no longer with any what if’s or what if not’s, yet all the beauty that is occurring in front of you and all around you to celebrate you, celebrate how far you’ve come and to celebrate how far you’re going. Isn’t that just remarkable as you watch all the beautiful benevolent radiant love being showered upon you?  And now taking another breath let’s all sing about all of the beautiful gifts that you’re now welcoming in and celebrating yourself, not from an identity but by a presence of love, lightness, benevolence and all of the lightbeingness that is opening, lightening up your physical presence – all of your presence – and welcoming in all of your natural birthright.


We love you.  We honor you.  Namasté and have a blast.

William & Mary Linville and the Universalis Team