The Gift of Your Divine Freedom

Post - The Gift of Your Divine Freedom


Dear Hearts,

What a beautiful, Beautiful unfoldment it is as you’re watching how creation is opening up all around you. What an astronomical marker it is as so much around you is changing and metamorphosizing with all of the unfoldments that are finding you in so many different ways, in so many different shapes and so many different forms. What a beautiful unfoldment it is as so much around you is showing its self, exposing its self and letting its presence be known – letting the beauty be known – as it is unfolding so graciously, but also so divinely.

As you’re watching all this stuff come up for so many around you, can you feel your presence coming forth so strongly within you and throughout you as you’re watching all these transitional unfoldments open, amplify and also transpire all around you? Isn’t it amazing that as you’re watching so clearly, you’re watching so divinely, but yet you’re not getting so wrapped up into it? You’re seeing it, you’re running with it, you’re flourishing right through it; but yet at the same time, can you see how you’re not getting played into it? Isn’t it just amazing how far you’ve come, how opened you are and how you’ve begun to see absolutely everything for what it is; seeing all of the transitional unfoldments as the glorious gift that it is for you, to see it as the beautiful clarity that it is; and also to see what a beautiful love, what a beautiful lightness, what a priceless vibrancy it is, to where nothing around you has power over you any more. It is just that of the old fictitiousness that it used to be – what I’ll call an ideal of a reality – but yet no longer the reality that runs you any more. It’s just an old archaic state that used to have all this power at one time, that no longer has that hold upon you as your mastery, your divinity and your clarity is so beautifully, so lovingly and so gorgeously coming forth.

Isn’t it just astounding to see oneself grow with all of the unfoldments, but also to run right through everything so beautifully, so lovingly and also so omnipotently, with such a radiant light within you – such a priceless light around you – and that nothing but nothing, has a hold upon you any more? As you see it for what it is, as you watch it, as you run through it with all of the divine attributes that are growing within, throughout and all around you, can you see how you’re so far above it that you’re aware of it, yet you’re so far beyond it that it no longer has any sort of hold upon you any more, and it’s just that of an old echoing memory that is no longer able to have a hold upon you; because now, it is truly just that of an echoing remembrance of interesting states that at one time had all this power within you, and throughout you, but yet no longer has all this power within you or above you.

And now, with the absence of all that power, how exquisite it is that you get to run forth, take off and enjoy forth, without all of the acting and reacting; no longer being overtaken, no longer being hijacked, no longer being so overwhelmingly taken over by the action words and deeds of another and no longer being overtaken or hijacked into the journeys of others, because now you have such a beautiful sweetness, such a fluid clarity; a fluid clarity that can no longer in any way, shape or form be interrupted, no longer be over powered, no longer be taken into all these interesting states of an old power – an old paradigm – as you run forth in a such loving, passionate state of the heart opening, and your clarity growing; your life-stream opening so beautifully, so powerfully and benevolently, but so unaffectedly from the world outside of you. Isn’t it wondrous how all is so divinely orchestrated; orchestrated, opening, flourishing powerfully within you, through you and within your life-stream as a whole?

Let’s breath and feel that elated freedom that you’re no longer locked into the density or no longer overtaken by the emotion. You’re just so beautifully being shown, being steered, being journeyed and guided throughout and within creation as a whole. Because now isn’t it impeccable how your whole life-stream is being opened up, amplified immanently and how so gorgeously nothing at all has power upon you, nothing at all has a say-so within you. For truly, the old archaic phantoms, wavering doubts and wavering contemplations that at one time had all these say-so’s upon you, within you and throughout you, no longer have a hold upon you as your life-stream, your lightness and your vibrancy is opening-and-opening-and-opening so much more, so much clearer, so much more lighter, so much more brighter and so much more benevolently.

Now, can you even feel beyond that freedom, a whole new life-stream that is opening, changing, growing so lovingly and so radiantly that is coming to light and liveliness for you, through you and all around you to give to you? Isn’t that just impeccable – all that love being showered upon you, through you and given to you? Now, taking another breath, welcome forth your entourage – your family – and your manifest levels to arise, to come forth, to steer and journey you and to bless you, to hold you and embrace you to where you feel such a beautiful comfort, such a beautiful lightness within you, through you, all around you. For it is that of your natural birthright. It is that of such a divine benevolence. It is that of such an exquisite open-heartedness that is coming in, that is coming forth to support you, to show you; but also of course to give to you, to embrace you in all ways, in all shapes and in all forms. So let’s take another breath, letting your family, letting your entourage – letting the whole Universe – come in to embrace you, to show you how beautifully supported, how beautifully comforted you truly are, how truly honored you are just for you being you, just because you are you and also of course, just because you picked up a body on a planet.

There’s truly nothing to be taken back, truly nothing to be held at a distance. Now, it is just that of being blessed, being embraced, being held in the highest of esteem, the highest of honor in every way, on every level, in every shape and every form here, just because you’re you. You’re you expressing as creator incarnate in a beautiful courageousness of stepping into a body on a planet, the beautiful courageousness of being the difference that you’ve been yearning to be. Take another breath as your presence is growing, expanding, growing and expressing that you need not be anything for anyone else. It is that of your radiance that is coming forth within a body on a planet, within the physical manifestational world, and even the courageousness of letting oneself be given all the beautiful gifts of being in a physicality, and the radiance of letting yourself express the beautiful benevolence, the radiant uniquedness of one’s self being oneself, becoming oneself, dancing with oneself with such a beautiful, Beautiful gift, and as the Beautiful Gift that you specifically are, that you’ve been awaiting to express uniquedly. So now, show me more family – and taking another physical breath, begin to ask one’s self; I wonder what that means – Show me more. And holding nothing back at all, just let so much more be exquisitely expressed within you, throughout you and into the exponential world all around you and watch the radiant, benevolent changes begin to happen.

Let’s have a blast. We sincerely honor you and adore you.



William & Mary Linville and the Universalis Team