The Iridescence Of Your Heart Opening


Post - The Iridescence of Your Heart Opening

Dear Hearts,

What a wonderful – astronomical – time it is with so many changes that are booming so beautifully; all of the beautiful changes in your physicality, so much coming up, so much coming out and all of the transitions that are happening so rapidly.  Isn’t it amazing how quickly – how rapidly – so much is transitioning, transmuting and changing over so prodigiously as your higher levels, your creator levels and also your creator consciousness and your Divine Mind are coming forth to look at all of creation with such an astronomical openness and vibrancy, to see what truly IS versus what has been?

It’s such a radiant beauty – such an iridescence – that is so omnipotently showing itself and exposing itself to compliment you, to show to you all of the beauty in which you are, and all of the beauty in which creation has to offer.  Your manifestational realms are also metamorphosizing, coming to light and coming to life so beautifully, omnipotently and astronomically to give to you, to open up for you as well as to show you all these beautiful changes that are happening to offer you so many more beautiful openings and opportunities.  For all of this is occurring all at once, especially with that of the little mind; the me-me-me mind, the protection mind that is so beautifully dissolving so comprehensively to compliment you.  It’s happening to give to you so that you higher levels, your creator levels and your manifest levels can fully, completely – radiantly – come forth with great ease, great love, great simplicity and great omnipotence to offer you so many iridescences within your life-stream, and to show you how much beauty you truly are.

As this is unfolding, it’s occurring to take all of that build-up and all of the huge amounts of colorfulness out of your psyche, out of your world and out of your body.  It is occurring so beautifully and so rapidly to give to you all the gifts in which you’ve been asking for; the gifts of translucentness, the gifts of beauty, the gifts of omnipotence and the gifts that you know are there, but that have not quite yet come into the physical plane as the physical plane is so gorgeously unfolding for you.  For truly now, the physical plane is unfolding at such a rapid pace, rather than awaiting and awaiting and allowing and awaiting.  This is happening so fluidly and it is getting the little mind out of the way.  The little mind that says; I want I want, I need, it’s supposed to be, it has to be; all of this colorful stuff that for eons has truly been in the way of You.

Right now it’s such a priceless state in which you’re walking into, that you’re moving into and through to let your heart open, to let your body open and also of course to give to you.  For now you’re at a beautiful gorgeous state of your whole life – as a whole – that’s being given to you with such a gracefulness, such a fluidity and also such an omnipotence that is well beyond the little mind’s grasp.  Isn’t it so colorful that the little mind has always been the one that has created such conflict within your life-stream rather than what I call your Divine Mind, the mind that knows your physicality; the physicality that echoes the tones of the Universe, the frequencies, the tones, the radiances and of course the omnipotences that are right here, that have forever been present around you and for you, to give to you so gracefully and so benevolently.  Your physicality is now coming into a physical harmoniousness to show you and to celebrate you, and within the celebration to offer you a whole new physical world of all these new states, all these new levels and frequencies that are stabilizing and complimenting so benevolently as you are embraced as the Universe coming into form; coming into form to so gorgeously, fully and completely to embrace you with the love, the radiance and the beauty in which you’ve been awaiting for.  The awaitingment is not a tap-tap-tap; it’s truly that of your higher levels, your entourage and the Universe as a whole expressing in unison; we love you, we honor you, we support you and we want to show you all that You are; no longer pieces and parts, but truly the radiance in which you’re remembering, the radiance in which is being shown, the radiance and the beauty that is coming to life for you – coming to life and coming to light for you – and you are now watching it come into the physical form all around you.

What a beautiful, divine gift – isn’t it?  No longer waiting, no longer tap-tap-taps; just truly that of love, radiance, omnipotence and the beautiful, beloved émanescence and iridescence that is beginning to take shape and take form to show its form, to fully and completely let itself manifest as you’re letting your heart be open, to let itself expose itself, show itself – giving of itself – all around you, as you celebrate the beautiful arrival of you in every way, on every level in every way, shape and form; and as you are now feeling the beautiful benevolence and presence of you coming to light and coming to life for you, through you and all around you as that beautiful caressment of the whole Universe; your creator levels, your manifest levels, your higher levels, your angelic presences, your entourages that are coming in, coming forth and supporting you, as truly there is no longer any waiting whatsoever, there is truly no longer any what-if’s whatsoever.  There is only that of supportiveness.  It’s only that of celebration because you have chosen to pick up a body on a planet with great exuberance to move forth, to run forth, to take off, to flourish forth and to be celebrated now as the veils are lifting, now as you so beautifully are arising.

It is such a benevolent time to watch how your self is opening, flourishing, taking off and beginning to celebrate your arrival; the arrival of integration, the arrival of purification, the arrival of omnipotence, the arrival of your true lightness and vibrancy in a body on a planet, your arrival of your true journey in a body on a planet.  No longer the journeys of what was, no longer with barriers or bounds or conflicts – no longer survival – but truly the journeys of what is your arrival into love; the arrival of your full complete enjoyment in letting the solar plexus begin to merge with your heart and in letting yourself be able to enjoy as it has been, as it will be, as it is above and as it is below; the total complete marriage of your higher levels and your lower levels in a body on a planet, celebrating, emanating and radiating in every direction to be able to allow one’s self to enjoy only that of love; love, the creator consciousness, the iridescence of your heart opening as you are having a blast.

We love you, we honor you and we fully completely adore you.

Namasté and have a blast,
William & Mary Linville and the Universalis Team