The Merging of Divine Thought

Post - The Merging of Divine Thought


Dear Ones,

What a beautiful time it is with so much transcending and transitioning all around to compliment you, to add to your life-stream, to add to so much beauty and so much iridescence in these beautiful times of transitional metamorphosis and unfoldments. As you’re feeling your presence, as you’re integrating and activating so many more levels of your light-bodies and your light-beingness, as well as the Universe as a whole, watch how much of your life-stream is transforming, transcending, accelerating and activating to compliment you, and all of creation all around you.

The integrations and activations are such a beautiful part that is opening up your world and your consciousness. It’s opening up the mind to see not just what’s around it. It’s opening up the mind to what is IS, beyond all of the transitional, perceptional ideals of beliefs and its thought forms. It is opening up its thoughts to be that of a thought of a higher level of creation, a higher level of creator throughout creation, emanating and radiating throughout its own eminent beauty; the beauty that has been for so long entrapped and confined, compressed and suppressed. But yet now, all of the beauty is coming to the forefront, coming to a head to be fully, completely, thoroughly exposed. The beauty that is so radiantly coming to life and coming to light to show itself, to expose itself and to offer itself, is such a divine gift to offer to all of humanity – especially for yourself.

The beauty that has been so missed, due to all of the focal points on the physical plane, is now the beauty that is opening up beyond the physical, to now open up your physical world and your clarity, your mind and your consciousness, and your whole body and world as a whole. For as the world is opening, transcending, changing and also awakening, the consciousness of the planet is also supporting it as the beautiful crèche that it is. Watch how much of the planet is opening to support you; uniquedly and specifically opening up to support you within its beautiful gorgeous crèche, within its beautiful gorgeous wholeness, within its beautiful gorgeous embracement because of its love and honor for you, to support you and to give to you within its own beautiful, priceless uniqued benevolence. For it sees, loves and knows the benevolence of the physicality that is awakening omnipotently, radiantly, and growing so quickly, that there’s nothing that can be missed, especially as your heart is opening.

As your heart is opening, the mind is opening to receive so much more information and so much more data that has validity and clarity to support you, to honor you, to give to you and also to open up your life. For the lightness and the liveliness within your world is gathering so much priceless momentum that’s adding, growing and adding even more to all of creation around you. So right here, in this beautiful unfoldment, within this beautiful transitional time of this unfoldment, watch all of the priceless changes that are happening for you, and happening all around you and within you to assist you, and that are just beginning to unfold and to expose themselves all around you.

All of this is happening so vastly and quickly and so naturally. As you’re watching so much beauty, so much love and so much iridescence that is lighting up and coming to life within you, through you and all around you – and always-always-always for you – isn’t it quite amazing? For many that would say, Wow it is so intense, what do I do; well how about you do nothing? How about you take a breath and enjoy the ride? How about you take a breath and just simplistically enjoy the radiant gift that is happening – not to you but for you – once again, for you – for you to celebrate, for you to flourish with and for you to enjoy with as the benevolence is only growing and growing, to open up every facet, every cell, every molecule, every muscle and every fiber of your physicality, for you to bask within and throughout every part of your life, because there is not one part of your life-stream that is not being metamorphosized to give to you so much more vibrancy and exquisiteness as the whole Universe is opening up for you, to give to you – each and every one of you – so many gifts to be offered and given unto you, to add so many different diverse parts of your life that you’ve been asking for and awaiting for.

So as you’re here, let’s not be afraid of what’s been given, let’s celebrate all that’s being given, because it’s all happening to show how loved and beloved you are, and that you’ve always been. So why not step back and take a breath as you’re letting your heart level open, and letting your eyes open fully, thoroughly and completely, as you’re walking, running, dancing and flourishing through all the beautiful metamorphosis’s and gifts that are happening right here in front of you – and for you – as the divine facet of creator that you are, and celebrating all of creation as it has been created to be.


William & Mary Linville and the Universalis Team