The Purifying & Dissolving of What Was


Post - The Purifying & Dissolving of What Was

Dear Hearts,

What a beautiful marker it is with so much transcending, transforming and arising, with so many dilemmas and dynamics dissolved and removed so beautifully and divinely as the mental levels and the emotional levels are purging, dissolving and collapsing all around you. What a priceless endeavor with so much beauty and so much harmony as so much is collapsing with such intensity. What a rock and roll period of divinitization that’s opening, heightening and hitting a Head of Resolution.

Resolution is having so much arise, wrap up and complete, dissolve and reaching an end; reaching an end to an old way, reaching an end to show you how far you’ve come and to honor you; to honor you so benevolently for superseding, bypassing and overcoming – so radiantly and iridescently – and to show you all of your divine accomplishments, and how passionately and benevolently you are in communion within the Universe and within yourself and all of creation all around you. You’ve been integrating and flourishing, as well as flying at rocket speed throughout the Universe as a whole, as it celebrates you and gives you a huge pat on the back, to benevolently, iridescently, radiantly celebrate your courageousness of superseding, overcoming, bypassing and radiantly, eminently looking at all these calamities and fear levels right in the eyes and saying; You don’t own me any more. I have been there and done that, superseded, bypassed and overcome that and also – wow, nothing at all has all this power, identification nor say over me any longer.  The whole Universe entirely is celebrating your courage to let yourself arise, supersede, overcome and run forth even beyond all the debris that others may seem to get so wrapped up into, to become identified with, even at times looking at you as if you have a thousand heads or have lost your metaphoric marbles.

It becomes quite comical, but yet what a beautiful, courageous heart you have. What a beautiful, divine, radiant light you are that’s being shown, that’s eminently expressing right through you, that’s being so benevolently expressed so radiantly and becoming exposed; and that’s becoming shown, that’s hitting a head so powerfully to be known, to be seen, to be honored and to be embraced for such a courageous endeavor that you’ve embarked upon. The endeavor of I am so much more than I’ve ever perceived myself to be, and giving yourself credit for the beautiful gift that you are, that you’ve always been and that you always will be, as the beautiful gift of love, of lightness, of radiance and benevolence that you continue to step into as you’re continuing further to step into even more.

So throughout all of these remarkable markers that are transpiring, transcending, arising and coming to a head for you, let’s truly look at all of it right through the benevolent eyes that are you as Creator, looking amongst and throughout all of creation as a whole, to see it all for which it is; the beauty, the love, the benevolence, the honorability, the radiance in which you are; the exquisiteness, the beautiful lightness that you are through the light realms, through your heart realms, through the benevolent creator realms as you are seeing the beautiful benevolence, seeing your beautiful creator consciousness right through your heart, right through your pineal pituitary gland; seeing only that of the true realities, not realities via I’ll see what I believe. What about; As I do not believe I will truly see. As I believe nothing, everything will be shown. As I perceive nothing to be a truth, I am open to see everything for the truth that it is. For it is the beauty in which you’re encapsulating throughout your physical form as a whole. The beauty that is so benevolently being shown to you, of you – and through you quite literally – that’s expressing and experiencing so exponentially, that’s being shown all around you so radiantly, and that is coming to light and to the benevolent physical form and your life that’s opening; that’s heightening, that is radiating so benevolently to give to you, to offer you, to share with you, to show you, to aliven and to brighten all around you and through you, to see reality not through glasses, not through tunnel vision, not through perceptions, but to see the truth of all that is; the lightness, the love-ness, the exquisiteness, the courageousness, the purity and the divinity of the beautiful love of the whole Universe entirely that you are – the love that holds the Universe together. The benevolence that has kept the whole Universe moving, flourishing, beaming and can start growing exponentially, that only continues to grow and grow as your heart is also growing, regardless of what anyone says, regardless of anyone’s contemplation of thought or emotions.

It is the benevolence and the radiance of your heart that is growing, expanding and emanating exponentially that is coming to life as your whole life-stream is taking on its own uniqued course, unfolding and coming to light exponentially in every way that is lightening up, livening up and coming to life to give to you. And now, with all of these new unfoldments, the next arisements and the divine fruitions, let’s open our arms and take a breath – All right, Bring It On – as you’re now letting your manifest levels begin to open up your exponential world faster than ever, more than ever, and also more vibrant than ever, lighter than ever, more exquisite and elegant than ever, to honor you, to give to you and to compliment you for your explicit, uniqued, brilliant unfoldment and receptiveness of your heart.

We love you. We honor you and wish you to Have a Blast More Than Ever.



William & Mary Linville and the Universalis Team