Transitioning Dissolving & Arising Through Change


Dear Hearts,

What a beautiful transitioning time it is as all your emotions and physical ailments are coming right up to the surface for you to say, hey I’m done with you, be gone, be gone – be gone.  When we say be gone, it’s commanding it done. It’s commanding the body right back into optimum health, wellbeing and homeostasis and then, taking a breath, watching how the process unfolds, unfolds and evolves. For your body is evolving as you’re evolving; and from here, it is clearing out all the thought forms and all the emotional states. And as you’re clearing out all the thought forms and all the emotional states, watch how much clearer you’re becoming and feeling, and also how your beautiful physicalities are regenerating. As they’re regenerating, they’re opening up, they’re amplifying up, they’re being brought into their fullest of potential for your highest and best good; the highest and best good of you, your body and the mind. For the mind is a wonderful tool until it becomes the master.

So right now, let’s all take a breath. Let’s bring your consciousness right through the solar plexus. The solar plexus is where so much has been stored. It’s your carnal levels; carnal being that of I think, I should, I ought, I must, I have to or else. So as you tune right into the solar plexus, let’s command all of that done, letting your solar plexus open up, open up and also clear out. For as it’s opening and clearing out, look at how beautifully, how divinely and radiantly your whole body is starting to metamorphosize to complement you. And as we’re playing here, waving goodbye-goodbye, be gone, be gone, be gone, to everything you’ve ever known as a reality, let’s watch all the beautiful facets that are opening, amplifying and radiating to complement you.

For let’s remember, all these have been creating all the angst within your system, because realities are not free flow. Realities are like throwing rocks into a river until finally, the river is dammed up. And now you’re saying all right, been there, done that and goodbye; you’re saying goodbye-goodbye-goodbye to everything that you’ve ever seen, thought and perceived to be a colorful holdup within your system, within your embodiment and also through your world; because these realities have been affecting the magnetics of the outside world and the magnetics have kept you from fully receiving all the beautiful, abundant and vibrant gifts that you have been asking for and that you’re welcoming in.

So let’s just take another breath, bring your solar plexus right up through your heart level, letting the solar plexus become purified and radiantly divinitized to complement you. Then let’s put a huge, beautiful violet flame beneath you – the violet flame of purification – coming up through your feet, through your shins, your calves and all the way through your upper legs, your quadratus lumborum, through the lower back, all the way up through your solar plexus again and all the way up through your heart level. And as you’re bringing it up through the heart level, let’s just hold it there for a moment letting it all purify, divinitize and open so radiantly to where all the facets are opening, purifying and divinitizing to complement you.

And as you’re feeling this, as you’re coming here, let’s look at the world, for the world, with all the heightened-ness and all the transitions that have been hidden away, that are now becoming dissolved, which in turn is opening up your world because you’re no longer engaged with the exponential world. All its systems are collapsing as you’re watching it all so powerfully come up and be dissolved upon the whole planet as a whole, and within society as a whole. You’re watching all the clutter and chaos dissolve, which is everything that is coming to the surface right now to be collapsed.

So from here let’s bring your consciousness right up through your heart level, through your throat level, all the way through your pineal pituitary gland, through our crown chakra level vortex all the way up-up-up through the astral planes of consciousness, all the way to the sun; connecting with the sun, holding your beautiful radiance and focus on the sun and bringing forth a beautiful stream of light from the sun all the way down through the astral planes of consciousness, all the way through your crown chakra level vortex, all the way through your pineal pituitary gland; holding it there for a moment, letting the psyche/sub-psyche collapse and collapse, dissolve and dissolve, as you’re also letting this beautiful flame purify, divinitize and radiate throughout your physical body.

Now bring your beautiful presence down through your throat level, all the way through your upper arms, lower arms and out the hands, all the way down into and through your heart level; holding it there and watching how beautifully amplified it becomes; and from your heart level going right down through your solar plexus level, and from your solar plexus level letting the rest of the clutter dissolve, truly letting go and letting all of this unfold to run its course and be cleared, letting the solar plexus dissolve; and taking a deep breath bring your consciousness right through your creator chakra level vortex, all the way through your pelvic girdle through your upper legs, your lower legs and out the feet, letting it all radiate, emanate and open up so creatively, so powerfully to amplify and to radiate clearer and clearer, more and more, to where you can feel so clear and so separate from all the out-picturing world of creation, letting yourself open and open and amplify – emanating that beautiful presence of you.

As you’re emanating the beautiful presence of you, watch how clear, how divinitized, but also how vibrant you’re becoming and watching how the changes are happening for you and around you to most complement you; and then letting all the beautiful presences arise and arise, once again, within you and for you. All these facets of you are arising, arising and arising to give to you, to complement you, to stabilize and to integrate for you; radiating, emanating and growing so beautifully – so powerfully – and what a beautiful force of love, what a huge and enormous facet of light you’re emanating exponentially. For this is the quickest way to watch your manifest realms and your manifest world go through change, after change, after change, to open, to amplify, to complement and to radiate all around you and for you.

And now, as you are taking a breath, opening up, amplifying and quite literally divinitizing, you’re dancing with all of the changes that are happening around you, not to you but for you, to fully frolic in the forest, frolic through humanity and society, no longer internalizing, no longer taking things on; but quite literally watching how the world around you begins to change, metamorphosizing right there before you as creator animating through creation, animating through a body, even letting go of the body; letting the body go through all these beautiful metamorphoses that you’ve been asking for as you’re watching how clear you become, and how clear creation becomes for you, through you and all around you – and then rocking and rolling, having a blast and singing more than ever.

We love you, we honor you and we cherish you. Namasté and have a blast,

William & Mary Linville and the Universalis Team