Awakening to Self

Dear Hearts,

What a beautiful opportunity it is right here, right now, to really feel one’s self, to connect with one’s self and to step out of fear, paranoia, anxiety, and all of the mental emotional what-ifs.  What a brilliant time it is to stop for a minute, take a breath and connect with one’s self; a self beyond thoughtforms, beyond emotions and beyond any and all chaotic events occurring around you.  Really connect.  Feel the fearlessness.  Feel the healthy whole and completeness of you within your physical body. 

Really feel the light that you are.  Feel the light that you are for any and every Dear One around you.  Just take a breath, a nice slow deep breath in through your nose, all the way down through your creator chakra vortex, hold for a moment and gently exhale through the mouth.  Be right here in a state of openness, divinity, and radiance.  Really feel.  Really connect with your heart, with your realms of light, your realms of gold.  Let yourself connect with all of your beautiful openheartedness in a state of communion and oneness with yourself, to where you can really feel you.  Feel the embracement of the whole Universe entirely, where you can integrate with your higher levels, your creator levels, and your manifest levels, and feel the consciousness that you are.  Feel the communion of having the rest of your family all around you; the angelic, archangelic, and ascended host realms, to where you’re becoming the savior within yourself. 

The savior within yourself is going beyond every culture, color, and creed.  It’s going beyond every identification, beyond any and every perceivable belief about a little self with the perceptions and beliefs about being vulnerable and all that funky stuff.  It’s going right into your own communion within and as your self.  It’s you, awaken to self, being a single cell of creator, animating and expressing through its incarnational choices and decisions to embody and amplify within a physical body, within creation.

One’s self, animating through the body, is a beautiful, clear, and perfect channel of divine love and truth, no longer run by identities, no longer run by what you do, what you look like or what you wear.  Because right now, absolutely none of that matters.  Right here, right now, what matters is the love, the light, the iridescence, and benevolence that you are as you.  What matters is all of the love and the light-beingness that you’re bringing down into, within and throughout the physicality, and bringing the physicality up into light, to where your body is vibrating faster, lighter, brighter, clearer, more iridescent, and more amplified, with so much more ease and grace. 

Awakening to one’s self is ascending through vibratory levels into your realms of gold, your realms of light, and bringing it all the way down, into, within and throughout the physical form.  It’s about fear or love.  It’s about stepping into your love, your light, your omnipotence, benevolence, and radiance, or going down the pathway of fear, density, and the identification with linear time, space and all that interesting stuff. 

So let’s just take this time, as the beautiful gift that it is, as the beautiful opportunity that it is, and as the beautiful light that you are, to integrate, emanate, activate, and amplify, supported and loved by the whole Universe entirely; and watch how the unfoldments of benevolence and clarity within your lifestream continue to grow, expand, activate, and amplify with so much more ease, so much more grace, lightness, and radiance.

We love you and honor you dearly.

William & Mary Linville and the Universalis Team