Within a Chapter and Eternity of Love

What a beautiful, beautiful, time it is – the Second Chapter of 2023 – the chapter of February that many identify with Saint Valentine and Valentine’s Day.  It’s a wonderful moment to switch from thinking into feeling and acknowledge all of the Dear Ones in your life, be they your partner, your personal heart connection, your friends, your camaraderies – all of the Dear Ones that play an amazing part in your livestream. 

It’s a beautiful opportunity to stop, take a breath and decompress from all the analytical thoughts, decompress from all of the emotional pressure, and un-plug from all of the egoic wantings, desires, identities, and perceptions.  Really look around you to see, feel and acknowledge all of love within your lifestream, all of the beautiful Dear Ones that love you, and that you love.  Feel the connection and communion of all the different friendships and camaraderies.  They could be beautiful soul journeyers, where you have the knowingness they’re just always going to be there and show up for you; and you’re always going to show up for them no matter what’s playing out in either one of your lifestreams. 

Now is a beautiful opportunity for feeling all of the heart connections within your lifestream.  You have those that come in and out of your livestream.  You have Dear Ones come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.  You connect for a bit, maybe a week, maybe a month, maybe a year, and then they phase out for years, months, days whatever; and then somehow, someway, you may be led back together again to reconnect.  It’s like you’re crossing pathways here and there just to catch up with one another, share where you’ve been, where they’ve been, what you’ve learned, what they learned, and to share what you’ve woken up to, what they’ve woken up to; and then give each other a big hug, a pat on the back and take off again as they run forth, and you run forth.  It’s so beautiful to let go without grabbing on to something that’s so pure and divine, without trying to make it into something that it is not.

Take a look around and acknowledge the one that is the closest in your day-to-day livestream.  You can call them an intimate loving relationship of the heart, companion, best friend.  They’re the one you are with in more of a personal relationship that goes through this, goes through that, you’re presented with this, you’re presented with that.  How blessed you are to be two hearts on a journey of coming together, of complementing one another.  It is the complementing of one another, through the intimacy of the heart, which means any and every boundary, any and every barrier, is dissolved and collapsed.  It allows your hearts to open more, to receive more, becoming closer and closer.  It’s two hearts coming together as one; yet still, you have your journey, they have their journey, and you have your journey together.  It truly is a marriage of the heart, walking side-by-side with three journeys playing out – your journey, their journey, and your journey together.   It’s a journey with two hearts as one that is a beautiful amplifier, a beautiful radiance of omnipotence, of light, of love.   

Whatever your relationships, what a great opportunity it is right now, in every moment, every millisecond of every chapter, and really in all of eternity, that you’re right here, right now, in this state of acknowledging, receiving, and expressing love, for it is your natural state.  It always has been, it always will be your natural state; because remember, all of the interesting, colorful stuff that seems as if the head is running here, running there, going over here, going over there, and at times taking you down, is not the mind.  In truth, the mind is the innocent party here.  It is the ego that takes you down this road and that road.  It takes you on this ride and that ride to try and see if and when you’re going to bite, just to see if you’re going to give your power away.  It’s not a challenge to you.  It’s just something for you to be aware of, to become more and more astute with yourself, and come right back here in the moment, being the love that you are, surrounded in love, receiving, and expressing love. 

It’s interesting, all of the particles of light in the air that you breath, even the particles of consciousness that make up the air that you breath is an embracement of love.  It’s the whole Universe constantly embracing you, where you truly get to sit back and take a breath, aah… decompress, clear out, and just lighten up, brighten up, becoming aware of what truly is, to embrace the beautiful love that you are that’s constantly opening up, and constantly expanding.  Because remember, you as Creator are always expanding, learning more, or actually remembering more than learning, and growing upon yourself.

So, during this chapter of February, why not explore how open, how expressive, and receptive you can be – explorer, receive and enjoy this beautiful love, this beautiful presence, this beautiful light-beingness that you are.  For there’s never any reason to be other than that, that you already are.  See what it’s like this in chapter of February to just be, to see, experience, express and receive all of this love, all of this light that’s in your heart without making anything personal about yourself that just is not true, and watch what starts to occur, what starts to happen within yourself, within your body, your mind, and your world, for it is your natural birthright to love, to be loved, and experience love – because you are love.

We love you.  We honor you dearly.


William and Mary Linville and the Universalis Team