Whole New Paradigm A Whole New World of Remembrance

Post 090116 Whole New Paradigm A Whole New World of Remembrance

Stepping Into A Whole New Paradigm
A Whole New World of Remembrance In the World of You


Dear Hearts,

What a beautiful marker it is as so much is blossoming, blooming and changing all around you as the mental level is looking for so much to grasp onto, where it wants to worry, where it wants to get worked up – right down into your solar plexus. Let’s take a breath and let’s feel your beautiful divine radiance right down in your solar plexus; feeling it beginning to clear out and open and clear out even more. Let’s take another breath, letting yourself fully delve right into the solar plexus, watching it open and open, dissolving all the debris that has played out and played out for you, through you and all around you; but most importantly letting the solar plexus dissolve itself, break itself down, beginning to reopen to complement you, to stabilize and reintegrate to complement you – opening and opening and opening – more and more and more.

And as the solar plexus is opening, let’s just watch all that interesting colorful debris be moved out; every thought that’s ever been thought, every perception that’s ever been made, all the identities that have been trying their utmost to have the hold within and throughout your embodiment through your mental bodies. Let’s just take another breath as you’re watching it dissolve and leave permanently. Let’s also enjoy the processes of watching it, allowing it to dissolve, break down and move out to complement you.

Let’s bring your lightness – your light realms – down into and through the solar plexus, watching how beautifully, how gorgeously it opens. Now let’s welcome in the rest of you, down into and through the solar plexus, welcoming all of your lightness, your light bodies, your clarities; true clarities, no longer ran by all the interesting stuff that’s played out in a body on a planet, free of all identities to a body on a planet. And just take another breath, starting to feel that vibrancy, that lightness starting to reintegrate, re-stabilize and re-embody for you, down into and through your embodiment as a whole.

Now, let’s welcome in more lightness and more vibrancy as you’re magnetically disengaging from all of the power that has been given to the exponential world as a whole (for it has been so powerful), letting it become un-powerful, watching it for what it is, watching all areas of your life-stream and your physicality open and open; because right now, magnetically, you are no longer being ran by the identities, the perceptions and the idealizations, nor being ran by the exponential world. So let’s even watch it open more – open and open and open – to complement you, to give to you, to integrate and stabilize so lovingly as you’re arising and arising and arising.

Let’s take another breath, placing your right hand underneath the right side of the rib cage, the left hand underneath the left side right in the diaphragm, and take about six deep breaths, insuring there is nothing at all lingering anymore, letting your upper bodies and your lower bodies start to reconnect and light up, feeling the beautiful graciousness, the beautiful divinity, the radiant lightness – life force – moving right down into and through these lower levels of consciousness now that you are unidentified with the world and everything going on within and throughout the world; letting yourself open and open and open; and taking another breath, watching how all of it has had such a say-so within your life-stream, your embodiment and your world around you.

Let’s just watch how you’re reclaiming you, how much freer you’re becoming and reclaiming all at once, integrating, emanating, radiating and divinitizing more and more to complement you, to be given to you and for you; no longer overpower-ment, no longer the pressures, no longer the stressors, and how you’re just able to walk through all of creation in a very amplified state of lightness, radiant divinitization and benevolence, flowing and flowing, right into and through your beautiful physicality, lightening up and lighting up, opening up more – and more and more and more and more and more and more – to complement, to be given to, and so radiantly being able to receive now, without pushing anything away, without any clutter from all those identities and perceptional beliefs, without any of the old archaic emotions playing out.

So let’s take another breath. Let’s start to feel the love moving in, merging through the beautiful embodiment of you; the love of fluidity, the love of the whole Universe entirely, the love of your higher levels, some may say higher self, the words do not matter, it’s still you merging, opening, amplifying, emanating and radiating right down into and through the physicality as a whole. So let’s take another big breath, breathing in all those particles of light, and feel the life force opening and opening now, and expanding 30 feet, 50 feet and100 feet exponentially; seeing what it’s like to be demagnetized rather than being affected, rather than being in protection. Let’s see what it’s like to thoroughly, fully, completely, utterly let yourself be given to as a total silhouette of a dance to express and receive in one, letting yourself grow and grow.

As we’re watching all these changes happen on the planet, let’s honor all the changes in a total complete isness state, openness state and neutrality state, reclaiming your birthright. And let’s let all that love emanate and emanate exponentially; and, all right family I’m ready to receive all the splendor, all the gifts, all the beauty that’s been playing out around me and for me, opening and opening; gifts to complement you, to be given to you to support you so omnipotently and dearly as your natural birthright. So let’s take one more breath. Let your solar plexus merge into your heart level and from your heart level into your throat level, through your pineal pituitary gland, all the way through your crown chakra level vortex welcoming in even more lightness – beautiful particles of light, data and information of clarity and remembering – from your crown chakra level vortex through your pineal pituitary gland, through your throat, through your heart, all the way through your solar plexus; once again watching how the body now can breathe deeper, more openly, and then letting it merge right down through your creator chakra level vortex, all the way through your root chakra level vortex – lighting up lighting up lighting up – through the upper legs the lower legs, the feet, the upper arms, the lower arms, the hands, all the way into everything within you, through you and all around you, until everything begins to light up in such a beautiful, divine order to complement you, to emanate from you; but most importantly receiving more and more love, more and more lightness from the whole Universe entirely, which in turn is going to and will continue to affect your exponential world and the physical realm, as well opening, amplifying, radiating and opening in every way, every direction, every form.

So let’s just take another breath. Let’s watch it all for what it is, happening for you and around you, definitely not to you, but most importantly for you. What does it feel like to be fully, magnetically disengaged from it, to no longer have any magnetics affecting your life-stream, your world; but where you have total fruition, fluidity, openness, expansiveness and vibrancy coming into you and for you, once again to complement you? And now that you’re wide open, expanding, expressing and amplifying let’s welcome your entourage all around you; your angelic realms, your archangelic realms, your ascended host realms and all the wonderful dear ones from on planet and off planet that are here to complement you, to steer you, to show you your worthiness, your value, your beauty. Let’s welcome them to come closer and closer, stronger, more benevolent and closer. What does this feel like now? Can you feel the sensation of home; home that you’re bringing here through the embodiment; the marriage of the higher and the lower, the alpha and the omega becoming one macrocosm – the microcosm beginning to marry for you? Isn’t it astounding how you get to embody all of you, your higher levels, or your higher self? Once again the words don’t matter it’s the rest of you coming in, coming forth, way out of the perception of space and time, but totally, thoroughly, completely integrating, embodying and radiating within and throughout your physicality, your exponential world, and watching all the endless changes occurring as you’re stepping into a whole new paradigm, a whole new world of remembrance in the world of you, remembering who you are, embodying who you are, expanding and expressing who you are, and all of its multitudes of diversities of ways.

We sure love you and let’s have a blast more than ever.



William & Mary Linville and the Universalis Team