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October 16th is the Closing Date
for Submitting Questions that William will answer in October.

William creates time in his schedule each month to answer a question you have about your lifestream; be it an issue with the physical body, connecting to your higher levels, parenting, relationships, abundance, the family monad, etc.; and should you have an issue arise for which you would like William’s assistance and yet you don’t have a private appointment scheduled in the near future, this is a wonderful avenue to receive more immediate assistance.

The Closing Date for submitting questions to William will vary from month to month. Each month a new Closing Date for submitting questions to be answered by William within the current month will be posted on this page.

Submitting Questions

  • To submit a question to William, purchase a Question and Answer for the question you will be submitting.
  • A question to be answered in the current month may be purchased and submitted at any time prior to the Closing Date.
  • The price of each question and its associated answer is $75 USD.
  • Upon purchase, an Order Confirmation will be emailed to you. Please save your Order Confirmation.
  • Instructions for submitting your question to William are contained within the Order Confirmation.

Receiving Answers to Your Questions

  • William will answer your question in a downloadable .mp3 file.
  • Within seven (7) days after the monthly question Closing Date, you will receive an email containing a secure and private webpage link from which you may listen to and download William’s reply.
  • Please download your recording as soon as possible.
  • The download link and associated reply will be deleted 30 days after the date it was mailed to you.

The assistance that Universalis, Inc. and William Linville provide through Private Appointments, Events, Energy Work, Products, Questions & Answers, etc., are tools to speed up the process of your remembering, embodying and expanding into your Creator Essence.

Nothing William Linville shares is intended to be, nor should be construed as professional advice in the areas of medicine, psychology or psychiatry.

Individuals with possible or diagnosed medical, psychological, or psychiatric conditions are advised to consult licensed professionals.

One Question

$75 USD