You As The Gift

Post - You As The Gift

Dear Ones,

What a beautiful, priceless time it is with so much changing and growing; all the weather changes; the planetary matrix that is activating, amplifying and metamorphosizing all around you; the beautiful hearts of so many around you that are now opening. So many are coming full circle at this time and remembering what is most important within their life-streams. As your hearts are opening, you’re opening the hearts of Dear Ones all around you, and holding so dearly the Dear Ones through all of the reviews of the year, and the life reviews within all of creation. You’re holding so dearly within your hearts, the things that are most important for you and unto you; the beautiful radiances and the beautiful remembrances for all that has taken place within your life-stream, and all that is coming to heart within your life-stream.

For it is now a beautiful opportunity to express and emanate your brilliance, for the time is right there in front of you. The opportunity is right there in front of you, not from a perceptional identification of time, but from that of an unfoldment of radiance, of sequences of events, that have now led up to this beautiful wrap-up of the 2015 marker. A year filled with so many journeys within journeys that have added up so beautifully to reach this gorgeous, benevolent, radiant marker of all the sequences of events that have played out for you. As we sit here, as we look throughout one journey after another journey, as one unfoldment after another unfoldment, of so many remarkable changes that have happened for you, that you have ran through, blazed through – lifetime after lifetime – in such a beautiful compacted-ness of the 2015; as all of the beautiful Dear Ones have come in and out of your life-stream; as all of the beautiful, priceless Dear Ones have moved this way and that way all over the place, that have come in and out of your life-stream within and from every direction, what a priceless opportunity it is to look upon everyone around you and honor them and continue to emanate your divine uniquedness, benevolence and radiance with them, through them and for them. What a beautiful, priceless journey it has been. Let’s enjoy the great honor, great reverence and great love; great divinity and great radiance all around you to have a blast, to sing and dance, to flourish upon yourself and all around yourself as we’re embarking on a whole new beginning – a whole new journey all around us – merging through and into a beautiful unfoldment of the 2016 – the first and the last 2016.

For there is only one 2016 coming up as you’re wrapping up that of only one 2015 that is now competing, being removed and resolved with all of the resolutions that have taken place and seeing amazingly how far you have come. What a beautiful, priceless unfoldment of a whole new beginning, a whole new unfoldment and a whole new life-stream that you’re embarking upon. For this last linear year has been one of so many resolutions – so much also that you have overcome – and so many arisements and openings of your heart. What a beautiful, priceless, gorgeous gift it is that you’re moving into now, and so much now that you’re arising into, to come forth with, to activate, amplify and to radiate into and through to compliment you; to stabilize, to emanate and to enjoy so beautifully and so rapidly all around you; to let your life open, to let your heart sing and open to be given to; to be embraced by the world, by the Universe and by the Dear Ones all around you as well as the new Dear Ones and the new opportunities; the priceless, benevolent radiant gifts; the gifts that have no end, the gifts that are just now beginning.

All of the beautiful benevolent radiant gifts of such love, such benevolence and such omnipotence are happening and unfolding all around you to compliment you, to give to you, to so divinely support you; to so radiantly surround you as your entourages, as your angels, as your archangels, as your ascended hosts, as your guides and as the whole Universe entirely is embodying within you, and all around you with all of these other deities that are letting their beautiful, gorgeous, benevolent, radiant presences be known. It is the true birthing of the crystalis state of consciousness within you and the celebration of the marriage of the higher and the lower within you. It is the birthing’s of so much love, lightness and all the priceless iridescences that are coming unto you and for you – right here through you – including the rebirthing of such a beautiful, gorgeous optimum health and wellbeing, spryness and lightness through you, for you, all around you – and to you of course – to give to you, to be bestowed upon you, for it is your natural birthright. For it is the beautiful love, the beautiful gift of creation and creator arising and birthing within its creation that you’re moving through, that you’re moving into, that you’re opening up through – and to – within your life as a whole.

Isn’t it stunningly amazing how beautifully and gracefully this is all occurring to support you; yet beyond just support for you, how beautiful it is as your natural birthright? It is your birthright, but it is also such a beautiful priceless remembrance of you – of you to you – and also of course through you. Through you being that of your physical incarnation. Through you being that of your physical life-stream as a whole. Through you being that of all facets beyond and within creation that are rebirthing, realigning and restabilizing to give to you; to give to you to remind you, to honor you and to support you with all of the reverences that the whole Universe has for you. You as a facet of it – it as a supportiveness of you – as you’re merging together, connecting together in such a beautiful, priceless, openhearted communion and camaraderie all around you. Isn’t it astounding and so embracing, as you’re watching, feeling, and accepting all these beautiful particles and brilliances of love that you’re letting rebirth, and come to light, and come to life for you and through you; the gift of love, the gift of benevolence, the gift of radiance; but most importantly the gift of you?

We wish you the happiest of holiday; the holy-day of you, and the celebration of you and your loved ones, which is that of all of humanity, and all of the beautiful graciousness of all of the facets of creator that surround you – and that you so beautifully and lovingly surround – being embraced by all the gifts that fall upon you, being that of the whole Universe embracing you and showering the radiant light-beingness upon you as you express exponentially upon it. Namasté and have a blast – Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas – and to all on the whole planet entirely, the most love, the most lightness and the most brilliance – may it all shine right back to you.


We love you and honor you dearly,

William & Mary Linville and the Universalis Team