Your Beautiful Romance With The Universe

Dear Hearts,

What a beautiful time it is with so much evolving and so many changes occurring, including the mass collective thought forms.   So much is coming to a head and being exposed, whether it’s personal, whether it’s family monads, whether it’s global weather or governmental issues. It’s all coming to a head as a group collective re-evaluation of what has been so strongly and powerfully playing out within the exponential world; hence all of the hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and all the shifts in weather patterns as the planet is evolving. From the perspective of the mass collective, it all seems pretty much out there and chaotic. But literally speaking, all of the changes are raising the vibratory levels of the planet.

The planet is switching its grid systems over to more of a grid system of light; and of course areas that are being more affected are those where there is more density, old paradigms and the old energy of the collective chaotic consciousness. As so much is moving through and also arising, just take a step back and take a deep breath, letting the exponential world be the exponential world.   As you’re stepping back and taking a breath, you’re clearing out, opening up and welcoming in the rest of yourself, your higher states of consciousness, your creator levels and your manifest levels. You’re welcoming in the rest of you to activate, integrate, emanate and amplify.

The welcoming and opening is swirling all the way down into, within and throughout your physical form. You’re anchoring in and amplifying multitudes of different realms of light beingness that is swirling through, emanating, activating and of course opening and amplifying for you and also affecting all of brother humanity, and of course the exponential world as a whole. That’s why I constantly share; “Make me an instrument, let’s go”, which includes the mind and the body, opening and amplifying the vibratory frequencies and megahertz of light that grow and grow, that affect the planetary grid and also the planetary consciousness, including all of the dear ones within your family monad, all of your friends and all of your camaraderies. You’re bringing forth the whole Universe through your beautiful embodiment, to where there’s not necessarily any longer a big giant hole from a me-me-me state of consciousness, but more of a dance of a fruition, a fluidity and an amplifiedness that so beautifully and so brilliantly is coming in and coming forth to give to you, to add to you and complement within your life-stream as a whole and all the effects that you have within and throughout all realms of creation.

Now you’re going well beyond what the mental level can comprehend as a manifestation, and well beyond what the mental level has perceive as a reality with all of the magnetics and tunnel visions. Now you’re saying; “Been there, done that”, to where you’re now in more of a state of reception and expression, and also a beautiful dance as situations and circumstances start opening up to support you and embrace you with a beautiful caressment – a beautiful romance as I call it – of a symbiotic dance with the whole Universe entirely, to where you’re moving, you’re flowing, you’re opening expanding and growing. Now you’re arising and arising, seeing through all of the delusions, illusions and constraints; and of course, seeing through all the stuff that’s been taken so seriously and taken so much to heart from the mental/emotional levels. You’re arising and arising, seeing through it and dancing through it to where now, even where optimal physical health and well being is concerned, the more that you’re activating, emanating and expressing, well the quicker, lighter and of course the brighter and healthier your physicality starts to become. Because now, you’re not flying underneath any perceivable magnetic radars and all of the gotta do this, gotta be a that, to basically fit in for all of brother humanity, being all these levels of what others want, of how you’re supposed to be received and perceived.

All of the interesting colorful mixed messages, that of course have played out from the emotional calibrational latticework, all of the sub-psyche decisions made about oneself and made about creation, so forth and so forth, are dissolving as you’re arising from your higher levels, through the sub-psyche, through the emotional calibrational latticework and through the soul level, to where you start having conscious clarity. Because now you’re not letting the 80% of the mind, being that of sub-psyche, have its ways or its confines any longer. As you’re tossing all of that into the ethers, you’re able to step-by-step expand out and explore more and more as your true desires – your true wantings if you will – start coming into the physical manifestational realms from such a beautiful fruitionary state.

As you’re welcoming and opening, you’re going direct, you’re communicating with your angelic, archangelic and ascended host realms. You’re connecting with their frequencies and their vibratory levels to where they’re slowing down to connect with you, and you’re speeding up to connect with them. Dimensionally speaking, you’re meeting right in the middle, to where you have much more clarity of data, information and knowingness across the board. You’re more and more in a symbiotic flow, a flow of fruition, dynamics, openness and of course receptiveness to where your life-stream becomes more and more of a literal fruitionary dance that is really a win-win, that is complementary for the whole, especially for yourself and all the dear ones that you affect and assist. And from there, just watching how your whole life-stream starts to metamorphosize; and I’m going to say expand, becoming more and more accessible to yourself and to the whole Universe entirely, becoming more and more accessible to all the beautiful dear ones around you in such a beautiful fluid dance and complement for all concerned.

We sure love you.  Namasté and have a blast.

William & Mary Linville and the Universalis Team.