Your Dance With The Universe


Post - Your Dance with The Universe

Dear Ones,

What a transitional unfoldment it is with all of the priceless alignments and realignments, and also the dissolving and breakdowns of everything that has been as we’re stepping into a whole new paradigm, a whole new journey, a whole new year of unfoldments and endless enjoyments of fruitionary gifts that are unfolding all around you. The fun, the blast, the iridescences that are arising and playing out as the physical matrix, even your physicality matrix is recalibrating. Your particles of light, your light-bodies, your iridescences are also reintegrating as you’re stepping out of all the dense buildup and all of the old perceptive archaic-ness as your mental level is purifying the psyche and the sub-psyche, as it is merging and marrying to reach a point to have total complete exposure, clarity, vibrancy and wide-openness to the awareness of all of creation and the whole Universe around.

Awareness; no longer having any umbrellas, any shadows, any preoccupations of all the clutter that’s been going on around you; no overwhelm, no colorful enigmas or data that has been false data, nor data that has been fed to you; but true data, true information – the information of you. The information of what is IS, from the Universal Libraries of data and information, encodements of data and information of Creator Consciousness arising vibrantly all around you, for you, through you; arising to compliment you, to show you, to share with you the beauty, the magnificence, the vibrancies of the whole Universe that is opening up within you and around you to see that there’s no separation/segregation at all, that is also in turn creating all these magnificent, vibrant changes within your life-steam. Changes that are only there to honor you, to bless you, to support you, to embrace you, to hold you inside such a beautiful, pristine attribute of love, of harmoniousness, of exquisiteness; but also that of being shown, being steered, being journeyed into seeing, to feeling, to knowing how loved you are; how loved you are because you are so much love, so much love expanding upon and growing upon love. Love that is forever receiving and generating, regenerating, expressing and constantly receiving as a constant that constantly grows and grows, receives and grows, regenerates and grows, integrates and grows to such a point that it is your Eternal Nature; your Eternal Nature that is always a constant giving and receiving in one, that also of course affects the exponential world of the constant enjoyment of the exponential world; the constant openness and vibrancy within the exponential world; the constant omnipotence of you emanating and emanating, receiving and emanating even more throughout the exponential world, within and throughout Universes within Universes, throughout Universes as a whole growing and growing – vibrantly growing – and also dissolving/collapsing all of the old archaic hang-ups, perceptions and identities; all of the colorful, interesting dynamics that have had for so long, such a hold, such a barrier, such a grasp, that no longer has that hold, barrier or grasp upon you as you’re no longer letting anything at all have a hold to preoccupy you, having a hold to identify with you, letting all of it fall off, break apart, collapse, as all of you is arising and arising even more; coming to life, coming to light, expanding, arising, lighting up and affecting the exponential world as a whole as it is your natural birthright, your natural state. It has always been You that is coming to light, coming to life, opening up, amplifying, radiating, irradiating throughout the whole Universe as a whole.

So throughout these next unfoldments let’s watch your solar plexus; let’s play with it. Let’s see what it’s like to let it be fully completely be dropped down into place, not letting anything affect you, but yet just opening up exponentially, taking a breath and watching all of creation exponentially all around you as you’re opening up and letting the whole Universe take command all around you; and watching all the fruitionary unfoldments come to light, and of course come to life in the physical realms and letting your entourage get to work to show you, to steer you and journey you throughout the physical, manifestational form to compliment you, to honor you, embrace you and to show you the Universe In Action and In Form; to show you how loved, honored and supported that you really are, that you always have been, you will always be, which is also a dance, a silhouette, a symphonic romance with yourself. The self that has no little self; a self of a beautiful, uniqued frequency, tone, vibrancy, colouresqueness of the mother of pearl that constantly metamorphosizes within every scenario and situation, to what ever is necessary; but also forever growing and expanding upon its self with no holds, with no conflicts, but ever – for ever – eternally metamorphosizing, dancing and radiating iridescently exponentially and emanating its uniqued divine beauty.

We love you and we honor you; and now it is your time to lighten up, light up and have a blast more than ever.



William & Mary Linville and the Universalis Team