Your Divine Gifts


Post - Your Divine Gifts

Dear Ones,

What a beautiful transitional time it is. So many unfoldments are now blossoming and bursting wide open to show themselves and to compliment you, as well as stabilize and integrate, as so much is occurring, speeding up, integrating and also so divinely stabilizing within your body, as the body is going through so many beautiful attributes of changes. The changes are opening you to clarities, the blossomings and the openings of consciousness; the consciousness of portals within the mind, the consciousness of portals within the cells; cells that are separating and even rewriting the nucleus of the very blueprint of the matrix of the cells.   So much is unfolding with all of the wonderful facets and the beautiful finite clarifications of the body as a whole; but also the physical makeup as a whole and even how the cells once worked, all the way to how they now work with all of the wonderful integrations of you, realigning your body as a Universal Instrument of the divine conduit that it is.

How the body operates and communicates, and how you communicate within and throughout the body, goes much further than the mental/emotional; but also how you as creator incarnate, you as a consciousness, you as a beautiful facet and particles of light within a body, brings and animates the body to life and to light, and brings life and light into such a beautiful physical organism; activating, amplifying and radiating through this beautiful physicality. It is so astounding how much beautiful iridescence that your physical makeup is going through and integrating into, to add and to flourish into, to grow and emanate; and also of course, to give to you such a beautiful, majestic, magnetic radiance that is growing and growing, opening, flourishing and growing even more to grow into and to add so much more continual, constant, fluid clarity, and omnipotence, and radiance, and the benevolence of so much more of you, that’s only continually adding on to all of these beautiful, benevolent, iridescent unfoldments of graciousness.

Now as all this is happening, why don’t we just step back, take a breath, and through your physical, see, look and feel the beautiful light-beingness, the lightness and vibrancy that you are, right into and through the very physical organism that we are addressing and animating through right now; the very physical organism that you’re embodying and expressing within and through right now, arising within, opening through, animating through, emanating through, enjoying, lighting up, flourishing right into and through, because it is such a beautiful gift that you are emanating through so pricelessly and so benevolently. Now, as you hear so much and as you see so much, let’s turn all of that off. Let’s just see what it’s like to feel You, to become You, to be You and to express You. You that’s continually, universally, metamorphosizing into so much more lightness, so much more vibrancy, radiance and benevolence all at once, that is so vibrant, so brilliant and so magnificently radiant in every direction all at once; lighting up, bursting open, waking up and shaking up, as well as shaking away all of the debris that has kept you in bondage and capsulated into all of the stuff and identities that you are not.

As you’re feeling you, as you’re connecting with you, isn’t it just astronomical how receptive you are now to the whole Universe, and you as a whole? How receptive you are without any barriers, any bounds, any blockages, any debris, any conflicts at all; but yet, just how wide awake, completely alert and how open you are right here, right now, to all of You everywhere, on every level, within and throughout the whole Universe and all of you, and every level of you; and how the whole Universe and all of the honor, love, and support is able to open and to give to you in every way, on every level and every direction, and is able now to give and to give, to open and open, to honor you, love and embrace you, right here, right now, because there are no bounds, no barriers nor blockages from anywhere. There’s just total complete vibrancy in every direction. Now let’s just take another breath, and now watch even how much you can have without any concern nor holding back at all, and even how much more accessible, available and open you are for so much more expression and enjoyment, and you can now begin to fully flourish and run forth; and watch how quick the Universe gives to you, supports you, honors you and adores you instantaneously. And now, taking another breath with your arms wide open, watch everything else that unfolds right here, right now, right in front of you, and all around you, and in your life, take place physically, which is your natural birthright. So now, Bring It On Family – Let’s Go. Show all of the gifts that you have been awaiting to offer.


William & Mary Linville and the Universalis Team