Your Freedom Within A Whole New Energy

Post - Your Freedom Within A Whole New Energy
Your Freedom Within A Whole New Energy ~ A Whole New Paradigm

Dear Hearts,

What a beautiful, transitional time it is as so many magnetics are dying off, closing down and moving away. You’re feeling it so much within your mental level. As you’re watching the mental level run and run, you’re bringing up all this old debris that’s collapsing, moving and merging out to complement you, and also to open up your body and your life-stream, for the body, the mind and your whole life-stream are going through such astronomical changes – some that are just beginning, some that are revving up and some being in the midst of all the changes.

What a wonderful opportunity and attribute it is to watch so much transitioning within you, through you and all around you. So right now, bringing your consciousness right through the heart level, feel your presence, feel your radiance down into and through the heart level of consciousness as you’re feeling it, connecting with it and also so beautifully watching all the changes happening as so much more love is emanating from your beautiful divinity; the radiance the omnipotence and the benevolence that is happening with you, through you and as you, to complement, to give to you and to support you.

So now as you’re at the heart level, let’s just watch all of these twists and turns of what is happening for the mental level. All these interesting facets of everything deemed to be a reality are moving out and clearing out as you’re re-coming to terms with who you are, rather than what you’ve been taught and what you’ve accepted to be reality. Feel right now, watch right now, how all realities are changing. They’re changing and changing to better accommodate you, to complement you, to stabilize and to open up so astronomically and so amplifiedly to give to you and to support you. Watch how quick the old deities, the emotions, the causes, cores, the records of them (which really means what you’re seeing unfold in your manifestational world) and the effects of them (being that of action/reaction) are being removed. Watch how you’re becoming so much more astute to absolutely everything that you’re merging into. Watch how your clarity, your spryness and your heightened sensitivity-ness are amplifying to give to you, to support you, to complement you and also to stabilize within you.

What a priceless unfoldment it is as you’re watching the end game on this one, which is you and your manifest levels, your creator levels and your higher levels, fully embodying and integrating through the physical form to where you’re getting to a place of no thought happening, just like that – it’s like an on and off switch – thoughts that are so derivatively ran for you and from you; but yet you’re turning them off and they just are what they are as the beautiful outside deities that they are. And from here – wow, watch the exuberance happening, even growing through your physical form, the activated-ness, and the amplified-ness that’s aligning for you, through you and as you, to give to you the whole Universe and so much more. Watch how your manifest levels of would you like this, would you like that, or would you like this, all begin to be placed right in front of you. Watch how instantaneously it all evolves and grows quite organically – as there is no holding back – with nothing less than love, omnipotence and radiance unfolding all around you, with the freedom of density and the freedom of emotions that are the highs and lows, the roller coasters of consciousness. Watch how all of it – all of it – all of it, starts activating to where now, you’re waving goodbye-goodbye-goodbye to all of the old debris, and fully thoroughly moving and merging into a whole new energy, a whole new paradigm within itself.

So now, let’s celebrate the beautiful changes that are happening for you, your mind and your body as the causes, cores, records and effects of the old are dying off. And as we look at all of this from an overview, look at how minute it all has been in comparison to you as you take your consciousness throughout the whole Universe as a whole. Look at how much more priceless everything is becoming here to serve you, to complement you, to stabilize and radiate for you, and how free you are; for you’re now able to engage with the whole of creation, yet no longer affected by it, no longer having any protections or guards up. What a beautiful unfoldment it is watching your whole world grow-grow-grow and grow, amplify and radiate with the beautiful gift of being receptive to the whole Universe as a whole.


We love you, honor and cherish you. Namasté and have a blast

William & Mary Linville and the Universalis Team