Your Journey Home Within…

Your Journey Home Within a Priceless Cocoon of Light


Dear Hearts,

What a beautiful unfoldment and time it is with all of the unveilments and the beautiful, priceless iridescence that’s amplifying and emanating from you and through you, from the whole Universe through the central sun levels, all the way through your beautiful consciousness and merging with every cell within the embodiment that you’re in at this point. And what a beautiful unfoldment it is as everything is opening and opening so brilliantly, divinely and iridescently to give to you, to support you and to honor you as your exponential world, step by step, unfoldment after unfoldment, is opening up to give to you, to complement you and of course serve you so lovingly and graciously as it’s opening up and going through twists and turns, turns and twists to more fully support you and to also hold you in the highest of honor – the highest of esteem – as the beautiful, gracious gift that you are within an embodiment on the planet.

The beautiful unfoldments and unveilments are allowing for your higher levels, your creator levels and the whole Universe entirely to give to you, to support you and complement you, continuing to grow and open within you, throughout you and all around you as the beautiful iridescence of love, the beautiful iridescence of light is activating and going through initiation after initiation within you, to show you and to share with you so much more of the benevolence of the whole Universe entirely that’s growing and opening up, activating, initiating and amplifying more and more, clearer and clearer to steer you and to journey you. It’s much like a beautiful lit-up lamppost at nighttime, in the middle of the desert or the forest, that is lighting up, brightening up, steering and journeying you through all of the clutter, all of the interesting, creative situations and scenarios. But no matter what, that beautiful lamp, that beautiful flame, is lit up so that it can steer you and journey you within and throughout your life-stream, and also within and throughout all of creation here that is opening up.

That beautiful lamp, that beautiful flame is shining brighter and lighter for you, continuing to guide you and steer you, bringing such a fun-fun-fun, benevolent iridescent radiance about you, within you and all around you, that’s showing you, steering you and journeying you all the way through any and all of the old energies, any and all of the old paradigms, any and all of the old contemplations and old archaic worries. It’s such a beautiful flame opening up within and throughout yourself, supporting you and stabilizing you as you’re running forth so brilliantly, so beautifully and so powerfully, as it so passionately and graciously holds you inside such a beautiful, priceless cocoon of light, of love and saying; All is well. All is well. Just keep your heart open. Allow for your steadfastness to continue to open up and to emanate. It’s the beautiful majestic-ness that is supporting and walking you through any scenario, any and all situations, any and all interesting thought forms.

This beautiful lamp, this beautiful flame, is reminding you to stay steadfast to your heart. Staying steadfast to your heart is letting it open and open, initiating, activating and starting to feel more and more clearly that all is well. It’s the radiance, the benevolence, the endless supportiveness that’s continuing to show and continuing to emanate that all is wellness within every part and every facet of your being. It’s growing and growing, becoming warmer, lighter and closer, because it’s also lighting up the beautiful pathways in which you’re walking. It’s also removing clutter and removing debris from being in your way, where you can just stop for a moment periodically, take a breath in through the nose, holding for a moment, and then exhaling out through the mouth and really beginning to see, and explore all of the radiant, benevolent amplifiedness of you. Just stop periodically and feel all of your angelic, archangelic and ascended host realms, all of their supportiveness, and of course, the endless graciousness that continues and continues to open up here, to pre-pave the way for yourself as creator animating and emanating within and throughout all of creation here. It is so lovingly, so caressingly clearing away all the fuzziness from around you, to where you get to see even more, to admire even more, how much lighter and lighter, clearer and lighter everything around you is lightening, brightening up and becoming more and more embracing and enjoyable; and then from here, running through all that is following within that beautiful light, that beautiful facet of love, the multifaceted lamp of lightness, love, benevolence and radiance; and then, stopping again, taking another deep breath and just admire how far you’ve come. And then from that breath, running forth, amplifying, permeating and radiating forth as you’re allowing that beautiful flame to arise and arise. And before you know it, that beautiful, gorgeous, serene flame and the beautiful, gorgeous supportiveness of that lamp is now right in front of you.

The lamp, the beautiful flame, most definitely represents your journey home to the heart – your journey home in every way, shape and form exponentially – it has been and is assisting and clarifying the exquisitely beautiful connectedness, communion and openness of the whole Universe and the embodiment of your higher levels and your creator levels down into, within and throughout all of your physical beingness. For the journey home is a journey that is such a beautiful unfoldment, such a beautiful openness that you get to run with, dance with and flourish within quite continuously, quite rapidly and quite benevolently as you are arising more and more, stronger and stronger, more powerfully integrating, embodying and opening up for the whole of the Universe to give to you, to support you, activating, initiating and of course amplifying within and throughout your exponential world as a whole; letting it lighten up and brighten up so passionately and so benevolently, as one piece after another piece, one facet after another facet comes into alignment, to align-align-align, to add to and complement oneself and support the unfoldment and unveilment of the beautiful passionate flame arising within you and through you, as the integration of who you really are; creator expressing, animating and flourishing within and throughout creation, opening up, growing, germinating and emanating so beautifully, so passionately and exponentially.

The beautiful, arising, passionate flame continually supports your self, which also includes of course, all of your experiences and all of your exponential world as it’s emanating, radiating, permeating and continuing to emanate right into you and through you, to so powerfully and so graciously add to your whole life-stream as it’s opening, as well as automatically creating so many radiant, divine opportunities and experiential realms; but yet of course, beautiful optimum health and well-being within and throughout the physicality, as it’s amplifying to step it up, to support you, to radiate so powerfully and so passionately within and throughout the whole physicality, specifically the heart level at first, to give to you, to support you and to steer you, down into and through all of creation, as it’s lifting you up, amplifying, steering, journeying and activating within your self and for your self.

The whole Universe is coming to light, coming into benevolence to steer you and journey you, and to show you so much more of the heightendly astute, heightened abilities that you do have and that you do possess.   The radiance is growing and growing to support you, to dance with you, and of course to complement you, offering its total, endless supportiveness, to share and explore so passionately, powerfully and so exquisitely with you, within you and beside you as you’re lighting up, lighting up and lighting up, but no longer being affected by the outside world, the winds and the weather levels; but yet watching the heightenedness and of course the vibrancy of all of your angelic, archangelic and ascended host realms, including your own presence that’s becoming so passionately powerful, stronger and stronger.   So within this marker of a linear month, let’s see how much you can allow your heart to open-open-open and express, yet also of course to receive; to receive all of the supportiveness, all of the love, yet no longer feeling or perceiving that you’re in a body on a planet totally alone, no longer perceiving that it’s all up to me, it’s all up to you, it’s all up to us, and going beyond all of that to where you can run through it, dance through it, open up within and throughout all of creation as a whole, in heightened benevolence, to give only that of your heart and receive as well, within and throughout your heart, receiving from the whole Universe entirely, within and throughout your life-stream and then having more fun than ever.

Great Job! We love you and let’s have a blast.



William & Mary Linville and the Universalis Team